SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘The Seduction of Dylan Acosta’

From ‘The Seduction of Dylan Acosta’:

Mark again02Later when it grew hot, Mark, his brothers and cousins shed their shirts and jumped into the pool, then sat poolside, soaking wet and playing dominoes, drinking beer, talking over each other and joking around. Dylan wanted to swim but avoided going outside when they were all there in a group, finding them overwhelmingly masculine and intimidating. Mark sat among them, as loud as they were, laughing and slamming his dominoes on the table they’d pulled outside from the great room for the game.

Ava would have loved this, Dylan remembered thinking, as she peered out at them. Then Mark had spotted her and excused himself abruptly. Peter sat down to take over his hand at dominoes.

Did you want me for something? 

He’d walked up to her, his chest almost touching hers, and Dylan swallowed. The way he said that . . .

She looked up at him and he smirked at her, like he could read her mind. Raising one dark eyebrow he held her hand, pulling her along with him into his bedroom suite, shutting the door and putting his hand at her back.

With one swift motion he’d loosened the knot on her halter top and lowered his head to her breasts. Dylan’s chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. Just as she’d begun to enjoy that, to bask in it, Mark suddenly turned her around again so her back was to him. He walked her forward and bent her over the bed, running his hand up her spine, pressing her face against a pillow as he did.
He reached around to her front and unfastened the waist of her shorts, pulling them down and spreading her legs as he did. Dylan felt his hands again, cupping her, his fingers spreading her, massaging her until she was squirming against him.
He leaned over her, arms braced on either side of her on the bed, holding up his weight.

This is going to be quick, he said. We have maybe five minutes before one of my cousins or my brothers come barging in here.

You . . . you didn’t lock the door? Dylan asked, panicked and excited at the same time.


Well, let’s . . .

She made as though to pull away and Mark gripped her about the waist with a forearm which felt like solid rock against her abdomen.

Too late for that, he said.

And that was when she felt him, already hard and pressing between her legs. With his free hand he continued to rub and stroke her as he pushed into her, exhaling deeply once he did. He moved his hips back and forth and in circles, and she groaned and pushed back against him, no longer caring who might come barging in. Within moments, Mark doubled the speed of his movements, stimulating her with his fingers, moving in and out of her and gripping her tightly about the waist all at once. It didn’t take long before Dylan was crying out, and with a deep moan, Mark emptied himself inside her.

He rested against her for a minute, kissing the back of her neck then slowly pulling out. Dylan heard him close the zipper of his jeans. Crouching, he pulled her shorts back up and with unsteady hands refastened her halter top. She had barely caught her breath before he had her completely dressed again, as though nothing had happened. But when he turned her to face him again, his eyes were warm, like melted dark chocolate. He cupped her face in his hands and leaned in to kiss her, so sweetly . . .

Don’t wash up, he said against her ear. I like knowing some of me is still inside you.

And then he left. Dylan was still pulling herself together, recovering when she heard him rejoin his brothers and cousins by the pool, ordering Peter out of his seat.


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3 thoughts on “SAMPLE SUNDAY: ‘The Seduction of Dylan Acosta’

  1. Nia…I have read all of your books and this is one of my favorites. Would love to see a sequel!
    Keep up the great work!

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