Meet Dylan

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All my life, I’ve felt as though just to keep up I had to run harder than everyone else. Now, in this new life, keeping up is much more difficult than ever before.

Every single day, I wake up wondering whether I’ll make some misstep, do something that will upset the apple cart. Not the apple cart my own life—but that of the conglomerate that is my husband Mark Acosta. He doesn’t seem to notice, but practically overnight, it’s become about so much more than just the two of us and how we feel about each other.

But the other baseball wives, they understand, so if I depend on them, I’ll manage this new life just fine. They’re here to help me. After all, they’re my friends . . . aren’t they?


Available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Woman-Centered Fiction Writer, commenting on books, culture and the human condition.

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