Meet Shawn

Commitment Shawn

It’s crazy, man. Like sometimes I can’t even concentrate. And I’m not the kind of dude to get wrapped up in some chick. I mean, I have access to all kinds. Some of them so damn fine you don’t even want to look them in the eye.

But this one is different. I think about her all the time. The way she looks at me, the way she smiles at me, the whisper of her voice in my ear when we’re . . . see what I’m talking about? I’m all strung out over this woman . . . I can’t explain it. Stopped trying to explain it to myself a long time ago, so how the hell am I supposed to explain it to you? The best thing to do—the only thing to do—is just surrender. Just give in.

With women like her? Halfway won’t do. I have to be all in.

And I am. I have to be.





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