26 thoughts on “Yes, June 30th . . .

  1. Listen I can read a book a day and when you find somebody with real substance…got increase the demand…. No pressure! LOL. But have you spoke to Chris lately??? If so, has he told you when he will make his appearance?

  2. Finally one of my fav authors have released a summer read, and was courteous enough to keep her readers informed on the progress of “The Art Of Endings”(the whole way). One of the reasons u have my RESPECT,
    I’m going to savor every word of latest release.

  3. Just got it too!

    Phone off…check!
    iPad powered up…check!
    Friendly neighbor’s dinner invitations…declined!

  4. So my friend who has a Nook (I’m praying for her coz that’s just wrong) is asking when it will be abailable on Barnes and Noble?

      1. Oh, and I have a Nook with the Kindle app, so she can download the Kindle app and read it on her Nook. In any event, it should be up on the Nook Wednesday.

    1. Turns out it will update automatically as long as you go into your Amazon account, select Manage My Devices and Turn On Automatic Update. Thanks for being understanding. The typos are mortifying!

  5. Nia,

    My 13th wedding anniversary was June 30th my gift to me was your book that I just finished reading. I loved it!!!!! The Art of Ending was the bomb. Now will you do another regarding Darren and Paige’s wedding and the case or Tess or Darren’s brother?

    1. Thank you so much Tracie! And I’ve heard there were typos, so thanks for overlooking those enough to enjoy the story. A corrected version will be available and if you turn on automatic updates by going to your Amazon account online, it will automatically be corrected on your Kindle. As for another on Darren and Paige, hmmm . . .

  6. Nia,
    The Art of Endings was just great. I loved it! But then, I have loved ALL of you books. Thank you.

  7. Echatterbox here :). Really enjoyed reading about Darren’s journey…actually, Trey, Shayla, Tess, they all grew up. Thanks for another amazing read.

    And I too wouldn’t mind to read about Darren and Paige and Trey and Shayla and how they’re handling marriage and growing their families. BUT I’m on pins and needles waiting for the book on Chris. Is it the next one coming out?

  8. Ok, Ok, Ok!!!! Always good to have a great summer read. Thank you, Nia…….Chris’ story….any ideas???? No pressure, of course!!!!! LOL

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