Blog Stop: Madeline Hampton, author of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones’

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Today I’m pleased to host Madeline Hampton, author of the romantic suspense novel, Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones. If you like your romance, with a little bit of action and intrigue thrown in, this is one to check out!

Here’s what goes down in Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones: Prosecuting attorney Matthew Love is a man on a mission. Heartbroken and angry after discovering his beautiful cousin’s lifeless body in a Miami park, he’s quick to take action. Hell bent on revenge, he’ll stop at nothing to see that his cousin’s death is avenged. Miami Mayor Cedric Turner is at the top of his list of suspects, and with good reason. His cousin Sherida was having an affair with the married mayor and carrying his unborn child. Following the evidence, he thinks it’s a slam dunk case, there’s only one problem. He’s falling for Mayor Turner’s goddaughter, defense attorney Sherron Jones, who’s representing the mayor.

Welcome Madeline! Before we talk about your book, I’d love to hear a little about you and your journey in the writing life, so far.


When were you first sure writing was something you wanted to do? And what’s the first thing you ever wrote?

I was sure writing was what I wanted to do when I was working a private duty case and taking care of an elderly couple. When they slept, I just wrote and a beautiful story just developed. The first thing I ever wrote was a short story that I sold to my friends at school for $3.

Some writers say that they write because they have to, and don’t care if anyone ever reads it. What made you decide to share your writing with the world? 

I decided long ago that I wanted to share my writing with the public. I wanted to see my work in print.  I didn’t want to be focused on sales but on just getting the word out about my work.

What’s been the hardest part of the writing life for you? And what’s the one thing about the writing life you wish someone had told you?

The hardest part about writing to me is not having  total solitude. I love the writing process but would like to have a cabin in the woods where I could be locked away for a few months uninterrupted. I wish someone told me about the publishing side of writing. That aspect of  writing has not gone well for me.

‘Romance’ is a very broad genre, and certainly Mr & Mrs Love Jones was more than romance. How would you categorize the type of books you write?

Mr.& Mrs. Love Jones was a suspense/thriller. All of my novels are  romance but all have a little mystery in them. I would say I’m mainly a romance writer.

 As a writer, I have a very specific type of reader in mind that I’m targeting. How about you? Who’s your audience/readership?

I mainly target women but everyone  is invited to enjoy my work. I mainly try to appeal to 17 and older. I love it when I hear men tell me that they are a fan of my work.

What other genre do you see yourself writing if not this one?

I really want to delve into children’s books at some point. That has been a dream of mine.

Many writers draw heavily from personal experience or infuse personal causes into their work. Do you have any personal experiences or causes that you like to infuse in your books?

To date I haven’t infused any personal causes or experiences but I like to think people can find some type of kinship of their own personal experiences in relations to my work .

When you write, do you think of plot first, or characters first? Tell us about your process for crafting your stories.

When I write, I think of characters first. Once I build character make up, it’s easy for me to develop the plot. I try to implement some type of obstacle that either the hero or heroine must face/overcome. None of my main characters are without a friend or two so they  always have a buddy to run to in times of need.

What’s your comfort zone? Writing alone? Or writing with frequent feedback and collaboration?

I really do like writing alone but I’m currently working on a collaboration. It’s my first and it’s going well.  I enjoy the feedback/input from my colleague.

Mr.&amp_Mrs.Love Jones CoverTell us about Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones. I like relationship stories that take place under less-than-ideal circumstances. Tell us about Sherron and Matthew. What were you trying to say with their relationship?

When I was writing Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones, I was very excited. I did a lot of research with that novel and I hope it shows. Matthew and Sherron met under very stressful and yes, less-than-ideal circumstances. Matthew had just lost his cousin to a senseless murder and Sherron had just learned that the would be killer was her godfather and that he was having an affair with the young woman. Sherron wanted to hate Matthew from the very beginning but she couldn’t help herself and found herself more drawn to him than away from him. Matthew initially just wanted to seek justice for his cousin but as the days wore on to weeks, then months, he realized he wanted much more than a faithful justice system. He wanted the very woman closest to a man he swore to hate.

 What’s your ideal hero when you’re writing your books? What’s your ideal heroine?

I’m not sure if I have an ideal hero or heroine. That sounds crazy but my hero or heroine are neither so good or so bad or right or wrong. They are trying to make a life out of what was dealt to them. They will make some horrible choices down the line but they always feel that the choices  are for the better good. For that they feel justified, until someone makes them see the error of their ways. That person is usually a good friend or family member that they’ve leaned on in the past. They need that constant reminder that they can’t go at it alone.

 What are you working on now, and when might we expect another Madeline Hampton book?

I am currently working on Tainted Love with an author out of Maryland. The project should be finished by mid to late August. I will be releasing the third and final novel in my Skye’s the Limit series later this Summer. It is titled Skye’s the Limit 3 : Turbulent Waters. The sequel to my first novel Behind Closed Doors will be released later this Summer as well. The title is Behind Closed Closed Doors 2: Secrets Revealed.

Well, until these new works hit the shelves (real and virtual), check out Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones, available now. Look out for my review later today but , read it for yourself and remember to leave Madeline your review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Here’s how you can find Madeline’s work:


iTunes: Under construction
And here’s how you can get in touch with Madeline:
Twitter: @madeline_419

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