Parting Gift

Shayla and Trey

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Trey stirred, mumbling in his sleep. It was hard to believe that this was the same man who hadn’t been able to sleep when she first moved in here. It was hard to believe she was the same woman. But of course, she was not. She was not the same woman. On an impulse, Shayla turned in his arms, so that they were facing each other. He had removed his shirt when they moved from the couch to her bed, but was still wearing his sweats and socks. Gently releasing herself from his hold, she moved to the foot of the bed, peeling the socks from his feet. Trey took a deep breath like a sigh but slept on.

It was only when she moved back up, peeling his sweatpants down at the waist that he began to come somewhat awake. But he was still not quite there when she pulled them over his hips, down over his thighs and completely off. Shayla looked at him, naked now, studying him. She wanted to know what it felt like to make love to him now that she was free and unburdened, and though they almost certainly would when Trey woke up in the morning—because he was habitually more of a morning-sex type of guy—she didn’t want to wait. She was ready for him now.

She slid off her panties and straddled him, her weight on her knees until she found the perfect position, and opening herself, she slid back and forth along his semi-turgid length. Shayla felt rather than saw Trey come marginally more awake, and heard a soft, vague moan. Then his hands were on her hips and he was guiding her back and forth, pressing her harder against him, his breathing becoming louder and more labored.

When he breathed her name, Shayla arched her back and rolled her hips at an angle so that Trey slipped inside her, and sunk deep. He exhaled and she settled onto him, making only the smallest, laziest of movements. Soon Trey’s breathing slowed and quieted, and Shayla realized with amazement that even while erect inside her, he was falling asleep. She would have giggled if it didn’t feel so good. Not just the physical sensation of him gently pulsating within her, but the knowledge that he was so truly and completely hers that she could wake up in the middle of the night with a craving and have him. And that he would, even in his sleep, recognize her and acquiesce.

That realization calmed her and Shayla soon let herself fall forward so that she was lying on Trey’s chest, her face resting in that space between his head and shoulder, feeling the steady beat of his heart against her chest.

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