Get to know Trey . . .


Trey Denison was definitely something to look at. Tall and well-built and with dark, intelligent eyes and a café au lait complexion, he was the kind of man who could accurately be described as beautiful; strong-jaw but sensual mouth, high-bridged nose and that dark hair that looked as soft as a baby’s. The women at the gym rhapsodized about the hair.

TreyShayla wasn’t much into the pretty boy thing herself but his voice was a deep, rich, husky tone that reminded you he was all man. If that lawyer stuff didn’t work out, he could have a great career reading smutty audio-books for lonely housewives. For the past six months, she’d noticed him working out, his face a mask of concentration and intensity. Trey rarely socialized in the gym, but when he did, it was generally with one very specific woman—his flavor-of-the-month—and only for a very short period of time.

Shayla could almost pinpoint the moment he’d decided to screw someone, and the moment the affair was over. For a day or two, he would spend a little more time talking to the chosen young woman at the water cooler, or he might even show her how to use some piece of equipment, gracing her with his smiles, winking at her as he left. And the poor, hapless woman would smile back and get all shy around him and for a time—usually no more than a week or two—he would arrive and leave with her. And then abruptly, all of that would stop.

One day he would walk in alone, and his poor victim would show up sometime later, or she may have been there earlier. And she would look at him with hopeful eyes while he completely ignored her, or worse yet, gave her a brief distant smile like she was a stranger and continue his workout routine.

Shayla watched these exchanges with interest and amusement, wondering how it was that women just kept lining up to be humiliated in this way. Come to think of it they weren’t victims, they were volunteers, because line up they did. Olympus Sports Club was practically a smorgasbord for Trey Denison. All he had to do was indicate interest and he could sample just about anyone on the menu.

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