Get to know Brendan . . .



Brendan knew he was going to get in trouble with this woman and now he had. Big trouble. He could chalk it up to the emotional morning with Riley’s baby being born and Tracy being so affected by it, but in his heart of hearts he knew that wasn’t it. After his epiphany about her sex life, he’d just held her, nothing more, until he felt her stir against him, growing excited just from being held. He wanted her to know that it was possible, that there was arousal to be found in tenderness as well.

Then he’d kissed her, resisting when she immediately wanted to touch him, or have him touch her. Just kissing, with her nakedness against him, was difficult but he did it, for as long as it took for her to stop going for his package and just be in the moment. When finally he touched her, he didn’t let her reciprocate, not for awhile. He lay her on her back and ran the tips of his fingers over every part of her—face, shoulders, arms, breasts, hips, thighs—every part of her except the part that she tried desperately to get him to touch. The puzzlement never left her eyes and Brendan realized with wonder that she really hadn’t had anyone do this for her before. It seemed inconceivable when he would have happily done only that for hours on end.

When she closed her eyes, he told her to open them again. He wanted her to see him, to see that he wanted her, but could take pleasure in her pleasure; to see that he could wait until she had everything she needed; that she didn’t need to rush frantically toward orgasm because he could be trusted to make sure she got there.

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