Sitting with Synithia Williams — Author of New Release ‘A Heart to Heal’!

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Since my journey as an indie author began I’ve been fortunate to meet many writers in the blogosphere and on social networks that I might never have encountered otherwise.

They are all unique and powerful voices, some very different from mine and others quite similar.

Synithia Williams is one voice in the latter category. Like me, she writes what I like to term ‘real relationship’ stories that look at characters who are not cookie-cutter perfect, and who have real issues and baggage that they bring to their relationships. For that reason, it is my pleasure to host her on my blog to talk about her work.

Welcome, Synithia!

Hi Nia! Thanks for having me on your blog today.

It’s my pleasure, Synithia! Let’s jump right into it. For me one of the most fascinating things about writers is what motivates them to put words to the page. Tell us, why do you write?

The reason I write is because I can’t imagine myself not writing. I wrote my first story when I was 6 and have written stories (dabbled in terrible poetry) and recorded my thoughts in a journal for years. Even if I wasn’t published, I would still be writing story ideas. down.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you do?

What I do now, which is work on environmental projects. It was my dream in college to work for the Environmental Protection Agency, but I’m more satisfied working in local government where my efforts have a direct impact. My dream job though would be to travel the world doing archaeological digs.

Cool! Maybe there’s a story in your future with that profession as a backdrop. But for now, you’re writing romance novels. Tell us about that. The romance genre seems saturated these days—what are some of the things you want readers to know about your work that makes it different from other romance authors?

I like flawed characters. My heroes/heroines are not perfect people. Real love is hard, you have to work for it, and I make my characters work to find their happily ever after.  I don’t always solve every problem they have, because life doesn’t work like that. After the happily ever after there are still other issues that will play in the couple’s lives; but what I hope readers realize, is that my characters can survive their other issues, because they’ve found their perfect life partner.

So what’s your favorite kind of hero? And then tell us about your favorite kind of heroine.

I like heroes that are hard men. I do believe a man can cry, but not on every page. I also like realistic heroines. Women that I can relate to in some fashion.

Okay, so that gives me some sense of how you might answer this next question but I’ll ask it anyway. What makes a story “great” and not just “good” in your opinion?

That moment when you’re reading and realize you won’t be able to stop unless someone rips the book from your cold dead hands. I wish I knew what makes that type of book because I’d bottle and sell it, lol! It’s a combination of characters and plot. You have to care for the characters, but the plot has to keep moving to keep you engaged.

How do you think of your stories? Do you start with plot or characters?

I start with plot then work out the characters. I’m learning to try and get a better focus on characters in the beginning—it makes revisions a lot easier. But my stories always start with an idea versus a certain character type.

What about writing rituals? Do you have any that help you get those creative juices going?

Not really. When I’m procrastinating I’ll do a writing sprint to get myself going. Basically I’ll set the timer for 20 minutes and write continuously until the timer goes off. By then I’m in the groove and can keep writing.

What does your writing space look like? Describe it for us.

I write at my kitchen table. Usually after 9 p.m., with the TV on PBS for background noise, a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn at my side.

I know I like hearing from people who’ve read my work. It makes me feel less like a voice hollering in the wilderness. What was the last communication you received from a reader and, if you don’t mind sharing, what did it say?

A reader commented on Facebook that she just read A Heart to Heal, loved it, told three friends, and they are reading it too. I appreciate those comments more than the readers know. It’s easy to believe your writing sucks, the story isn’t good and no one will like it. While some will say that, I feel less like I wasted months writing if somebody likes it.

Tell us about ‘A Heart to Heal’—your third release with Crimson. What drew you to this story?AHTH Cover2

I wanted to write about the non-typical heroine. Shayla Monroe is damaged. She’s had to deal with rumors all of her life and to a certain extent she let those rumors define her. I wanted to tell the other side of the story, what may be going on with the “bad” girl and why she still deserves the love of a good man.

Here’s the blurb:

Shayla Monroe fled her hometown of Helena, South Carolina, after a shocking situation broke the heart of the only guy she’d ever loved. Years later, after losing her job in Atlanta with her name once again shrouded in scandal, she has nowhere to go but home.

Now a devastatingly handsome and well-respected man, Devin Jones became a successful doctor as a way to forget Shayla’s betrayal. When she returns as infamously as she left, he plans to put aside old feelings and treat her as any other person in town. But after looking into her soft brown eyes, the feelings he thought long dead quickly rush to the surface.

Ignoring rumors, disapproval from family and friends, and promises to avoid each other, the two become friends … then lovers. Devin wants all or nothing, but Shayla, haunted by her past, is afraid their relationship will damage what’s left of her reputation. Can two broken hearts survive the fight against past and present demons to heal and find love?

That sounds great Synithia! Imperfect heroines are a weakness of mine so this is one I definitely plan to read and review.

Thanks for stopping by!  

If you want to get ‘A Heart to Heal’, the options are endless. Here’s where you can do that:

And if you want to follow Synithia and her work, she can be found:

Please feel free to leave a note for Synithia and you may be one of two lucky commenters to win a free copy of ‘A Heart to Heal’!

Happy Reading!


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25 thoughts on “Sitting with Synithia Williams — Author of New Release ‘A Heart to Heal’!

  1. Congratulations on your third release.
    It sounds like it’s another great story you got on your hands…
    This will definitely go into my wish list pile.
    Continued success…


  2. This was a very enlightening interview. I had never heard of Ms. Synthia but I’m looking forward to reading her work. If your writings are anything like Nia’s I know I will be thoroughly pleased. I am certainly a new fan of hers and I have all her books.

  3. I loved your first two books and I look forward to reading Shayla’s story. What are you working on now?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the support 🙂 I have a MS under consideration a few places and I’m outlining a few projects. Waiting to see what grabs me. All are contemporary romances. One is a friends to lovers story.

  4. Congratulations on your third release. This is an amazing interview. I’m looking forward to read “A Heart to Heal”.

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