Going Solo

ImageOne of the best things about writing is that it gives introverts like me an outlet for their thoughts without the pain-in-the-arse obligation to speak to other human beings. And for sure, I thought I would never, ever co-author anything because I felt it would be almost intrusive to allow someone else into that space. But, to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing with The Black, and our series of shorts–our Duets–are off to a pretty good start with ‘Lovers‘.

Still, there is nothing like tunneling in and disappearing inside your own head, and even while working on something longer, I often find myself visiting my old friends from books already written. And then there’s a straggler, a character I’ve never met before who has something to say. I generally repress the impulse to write those stories down because often they are not long enough to be a novel, and maybe not even long enough to be a novella.

Having so enjoyed the hit-and-run process of writing a short piece in duet, I’ve decided to write and share my short Solos as well. I don’t know how often they’ll come or whether they’ll have any continuity, but here is the first one, ‘Forty-Six‘, about a woman some of you may recognize.

Happy Reading!


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