inspirationSometimes the muse won’t visit. You sit around waiting for her, twiddling your thumbs, wondering whether she’ll show up and whip you into shape, get those creative juices flowing once again. Waiting for that muse is like my second (or third) job, because I’m the kind of writer that needs to be inspired. That whole deal about writing everyday? I try to do it, I really, really do. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that I write better when ‘inspired’.  I can’t just have a “good idea” I need inspiration with a capital ‘I’. But another thing I’ve learned as I’ve embarked on my writing journey is that the whole idea of waiting for a spark of genius is absolutely a mistake. It’s one I make often, but a mistake nevertheless.

On some days, my fingers practically glide across my keyboard and I become frustrated that I can’t type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. But on other days, each word takes gargantuan effort and it’s painful to construct a worthwhile sentence. On those days, when the words don’t come, it’s tempting to walk away from the computer and find something else to do, like bake chocolate cupcakes and eat the whole lot of them in one sitting. Not that I’ve ever done that or anything 😉 But the harder course to take, and also the wiser course is to push on through it.

Waiting for a magic moment is pure folly for a writer. Those magic moments are so few and far between. Those inspired words, so difficult to come by, that the best, the only good plan is to keep going. I’m coming off a pretty tough dry-spell right now, one where I’ve complained bitterly to anyone who will listen that I could not write a single word. The truth was, I did write more than a few words, and deleted them, and wrote some more, and deleted those as well. There were precious few words that I kept. But now, as the clouds begin to part and I see a tiny sliver of hope, I’ve begun to re-read those very few words that I kept. And y’know what? Some of them aren’t so bad. Some of them are even good.  And a few — very few — are even, dare I say it? Inspired.

Happy Reading . . . and Writing!


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Woman-Centered Fiction Writer, commenting on books, culture and the human condition.

5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Love your writing style. Love how you manage to dissect relationships and even with their complexities take your readers on a journey where they too search for their inner selves. Can’t wait for the latest! Oh….could we possibly be related? my name is Tania Forrester. Just found this all to be quite conincidental. I hear my daddy was a rolling stone so once can never really know.

  2. Hi Nia,
    I’m in agreement with everyone else when I say that “you have a way with words”. I’m a firm believer in signs and this post was right on time. As a budding writer I sometimes feel that I’m waiting for that unfamiliar spark or glimmer of newness to hit me so I can breath life into my stories. I stopped chasing it and have let it go to let it in.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

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