From my friend, author Nikki Walker’s soon-to-be-released novel, ‘In Search of a Healing Place’ . . .

Nikki's Spot

Meet the main cast of, In Search of A Healing Place.  Introducing Ms. Farryn Grant!








Tyrone      Farryn Grant Rochelle-Aytes as Farryn Grant

Tyrone’s training class ended by three that afternoon. He decided to make an impromptu visit to the office to meet his mail crew reports. As he stepped within the main office, he saw that it was empty. No doubt, the crew were out making deliveries. He looked over at the huge desk in the corner and pivoted sharply. He stepped out into the hallway. Slowly perusing the corridor, he noticed a room next door. Trying the door knob, he found it unlocked and pushed it open. He found an old supply room. Most of the things had been transferred to another location.  Tyrone envisioned it  becoming his office.  Impulsively, he pulled out his cellphone and dialed Farryn’s telephone number.

“Hi. Do you have a minute to meet me near the mailing…

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