Release Date for ‘Maybe Never’ . . .

So it’s Valentine’s Day and somehow the present I planned isn’t all wrapped and ready to go.

Yes, sadly, I’m referring to the novella about Brendan and Tracy, ‘Maybe Never‘. I am, as I type this, on a plane headed to someplace in the Southeastern part of the United States, cramped beyond belief and wishing I’d chosen to fly business-class. And yet, I’m thinking about this book, and the characters in it, and about why they mean so much to me, and maybe to you as well. And because of that, I can’t rush this one to completion and have to let it play itself out. That ‘playing out’ should be done with soon, and the release date is Friday, February 22nd.

In the meantime, if you have a notion, tell a friend about ‘Unsuitable Men‘ and let them know that tomorrow only, it will be free on Amazon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


9 thoughts on “Release Date for ‘Maybe Never’ . . .

  1. Why you gotta be so mean, Nia? I just KNEW you were gonna release today, but no… Oh wells, I have no choice but to wait. I LOVE Tracy & Brendan, so do what you must. I know the wait will be worth it! 😉

  2. OK Nia. Your readers in the UK were hoping to wake up to this book on amazon. However, what’s a few more hours? Looking forward to reading the continuation of Tracy’s story.

    1. It’s here! Get yours, and then tell a friend. But seriously, thank you for the interest! It’s particularly heartening to hear from a friend across the Pond because I check in on the UK site from time to time and notice that there is a remarkable absence of reviews! Not just on my books, but very few on others that garner many, many comments on the U.S. site. What do you think the reason is for that?

  3. I never usually buy novellas, but i must say this was way better than some of the full length novels that i have read. Loved it. I want to know if you will do something like this for Dylan and Mark? I have read that book over and over. I am truly a fan.

    1. Thank you Shannon! I hadn’t considered doing something like that for Dylan and Mark, but someone asked whether I might do a book on Dylan’s best friend Ava. And I’m thinking about it. In that case, we would definitely see what’s up with Dylan and Mark . . . so you never know!

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