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One of the fun things about social networking is meeting  other authors who are taking various publishing paths to see their work put into readers hands. No matter what path you take, our experiences are different and can alter the voice of the writer. (If you’ve been through the query gambit  you know what I mean.)

Recently I was contacted by Nia via Facebook when she messaged me to say she’d picked up a copy of my book because of hearing great things about it. I in turn got a copy of one of  her novels. We later talked privately about our books, both   impressed with the others approach to writing. I was floored by  how much – in my opinion – out style of storytelling mirrors one another, despite the difference in our writing voices.

The book I read, Unsuitable Men, has me anxious to read more of her work. Her novels are…

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  1. This is an excellent interview! And I’m excited that there’s a project in the works starring Chris Scaife from Commtment since that (hopefully) means we’ll get more of Riley and Shawn? I can’t get enough of my favorite couple and since it looks like there may not be a second book starring them (waah waah. I can’t even pay you?), I’ll just have to get my fix wherever I can :).

    1. I too am excited to know there will be a storyline developed around Chris Scaife. I was prepared not to like him until his interview with Riley where he revealed his vulnerability regarding his sister. I can’t wait to read more about him!

      1. Awesome re: Riley and Shawn! Chris doesn’t come across as a boring guy, so I definitely look forward to reading his story and journey.

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