NaNoWriMo #Fail

I suppose there is a very, very slender chance that I will finish my book in the next two days. And it may even be something people would want to read. But I doubt it. So I’m going to throw in the towel right now and acknowledge my NaNoWriMo fail.  Truth is, I’ve never been great about writing under duress, particularly where a timeline is involved.

I was the kid who would wait until the very last evening before the essay was due and knock it out between 10 p.m. and midnight, but only because the alternative was to get a failing grade. But maybe I’m being hard on myself by considering this a failure. I have a good number of pages that I feel good about and will probably be ready to edit within a week or so, but the specter of November 30th has had an interesting effect on my psyche – my characters are not speaking to me, they have fallen completely silent over the past couple of days. I visit them in my mind, knock on their doors, ask if they’ll come out to play and for the moment, they have rebuffed every attempt. So I’ve decided to play a little hard to get, ignore them for a day or so and hope they’ll come around.

The characters I’ve been trying to lure out to play are from my new book, ‘Secret’, Trey and Shayla. They’re a complicated pair with difficult pasts, each of them insisting to themselves and to each other that they don’t want a relationship. But sometimes what we say we don’t want is precisely what we need. Here’s an appetizer from Secret (and hopefully not the last piece of writing I’ll do this month)

Happy Reading . . . and to my fellow writers, happy (sigh) writing.


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