‘Unsuitable Men’ is Free on Amazon Today!

Today only, on Amazon.com, I’m offering ‘Unsuitable Men’ free.

This book I love for lots of reasons. First, because it’s the result of a reader’s challenge to me to go against my aversion to writing sequels or serials that revisit the same characters over and over again. She so liked ‘Commitment’ that she asked whether I would be writing more about Shawn and Riley. I told her I could not, but would give a stab at exploring more about Tracy and Brendan, secondary characters in ‘Commitment’ who played prominent roles. The result was this book which now has me thoroughly convinced that sometimes, revisiting characters, but with a light touch, can yield interesting new material. So if you liked ‘Commitment’, try ‘Unsuitable Men’. And even if you didn’t read ‘Commitment’ this book tells it’s own story that is not at all dependent on the previous book.

The second reason I love ‘Unsuitable Men’ is the utter, and sometimes maddening imperfection of the main character who somehow  manages to make you love her anyway. That was my favorite element of this writing story, making Brendan fall in love with Tracy, warts and all.

Read it and write me a review. Tell me what about it (if anything) spoke to you!

Happy Reading!


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5 thoughts on “‘Unsuitable Men’ is Free on Amazon Today!

  1. Hey Nia, I LOVED Unsuitable Men, you made it very real, and actually made me open my own eyes to how I sabotage my own relationships with men. It made me seek a reconnection with someone from my past that I was impatient for and now we are trying to make things work again after 5 years. You really did not dissapoint on doing a spin-off of Commitment (Thats what I am going to call it) I am glad you took my comment as a challenge lol. I loved that the book did not end with a fairytale ending and I agree with your last post, that it should not have because Tracy was not done making her evolution. Good Job Definitely a fan


    1. Wow, Robin, that’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing that. I’m glad this book made a difference to you and inspired you to make some changes. It’s definitely inspired me – and by the way, of the three of my books, it sells most, so I have you to thank for that as well! Not to mention that I’m now already thinking of a “spin-off” (perfect word for it by the way) of the book I’m working on now.

      1. I definitely cannot wait for your next masterpiece. For now one lets nix “sequels” since you don’t like them very much and use spin-off. This must new book must be bananas if you are already thinking about a spin-off.

  2. I really enjoyed Unsuitable Men. Tracy was definitely her own worse enemy, that and many other things spoke to me in this book, I’ll just throw out a few… I don’t think that some parents realize how much their relationships effect their children. They can get caught up in the pursuit of their own happiness, forgetting there are little eyes watching and even if not, most things done in the dark eventually come to the light. I, and a lot of my friends regretfully became promiscuous as teens. As we discuss it now, many of us refer to issues that involved our parents. It took me many years to forgive myself for misusing my body and I too felt embarrassment when I had to have the discussion about it with someone I love. I appreciated Tracy for the growth and strength she showed in making the decision to leave Brendan to make his own conclusion, because after we forgive ourselves we can’t allow others to make us feel ashamed. I haven’t read Commitment but I can’t wait to read it, especially because of all the references to Shawn’s past. Thanks for capturing inner conflicts and emotions in such a real way. It’s one the many things that makes your novels great. (LOVED The Seduction of Dylan Acosta).

    1. Hi Jackie-
      I had to sit with your comment for awhile before I responded, because I was so humbled by the fact that anything I wrote had such meaning for you. I think you got from this book everything that I’d hoped readers would get – the impact that parents have on their kids lives without even knowing it, the way someone’s past mistakes can reverberate into the future unless they face and deal with them, and the importance of letting go of the shame and guilt from those mistakes and loving yourself despite them. That this was relevant to your own personal experience only makes your positive feedback that much more special to me. Thank you so much.

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