Tell Me You Love Me . . . (or that you don’t)

I don’t know any writers who do it for the money. Not one.

I’m definitely one of those who write for other reasons. Now if the money you get through sales is in some way a reflection of how many people were moved by your work then perhaps it becomes important. Still, when I check online to “see how I’m doing”, I hardly ever check my sales. I check for reviews. And when I do check my sales, it’s only so I can see how many people may have read my work and might leave a review. Each royalty payment I get deposited into my account perplexes me each month. There’s always a moment of, ‘what is this? oh yeah, for the books.’ The sums have been larger lately so there’s a brief moment of exhilaration but only because it helps me envision that one day I might be able to pass on the day job altogether and only write, all day, every day. And what bliss that would be.

Still, it’s all about the reviews for me. Good or bad, the feedback you get as a writer feeds your creativity and pushes you to do and be better. I was having a little bit of a block a few evenings ago, and had that moment of desperation that almost every writer experiences, where you wonder whether the angst is worth it, whether you might not be better off spending your time doing something more ‘practical’ than writing fiction. And then I read two of the most complimentary comments on my blog about how a couple of my readers felt about my work. That quickly, and blockage was gone. It was like a well-timed gift, and I was able to write another 100 or so pages that night.

Writing, I’ve said many times before, is the most solitary of pursuits. It isn’t like many other arts (music or visual art, for instance) where the reactions are immediate and apparent. When you write fiction you go into a secret place in your mind and you sequester yourself there, tunneling in, listening only to the voices of your characters and living only their lives, finding everything else to be an irritant. And then you emerge sometime later, squinting against the bright lights of reality and wondering whether the journey was worth it. The process alone justifies some of it: I like writing just because I do and would do so regardless of whether anyone else cared what I wrote. But there is no denying that the greater reward, the better prize is hear that my writing meant something to someone other than me. That it aroused curiosity, interest, passion or even anger and dismay.

So if you’ve read anything at all recently (not just my stuff, anything) take a moment to go to Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari or whatever your preferred site may be and tell that writer you loved them . . . or not.

Happy Reading!


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9 thoughts on “Tell Me You Love Me . . . (or that you don’t)

  1. I always seen your books in my Amazon recommendations or “others bought this” list. I cant tell you how many times I looked over you. After a restless night, I began searching through Amazon. I read the excerpt of Unsuitable Men. Took a chance and bought it. I dislike that I read fast, as in, if the book holds my interest and I am really entertained by it, I wont stop until I finish. Even if I have something that needs to be done, I totally disregard it (awful aint it). After finishing, I went back on Amazon to see what else you had….2 books left. I read the excerpt of Commitment. Ignored it b/c I was thinking it might be a “hood” book(not a fan of rap music-authors glorifying the drug game/life). Even though I read Unsuitable Men, and it talked about those characters, I thought I was straight, not going to purchase, so I downloaded your most recent, and enjoyed that too(thank you for the free download) So Im back on Amazon, and Commitment is just staring me in the face, like, just take a chance, I did, and wasnt disappointed. Crazy how that one word “Rapper” had me already assuming what I thought it would be about(my apologies). 3 books read in less than a week, you are the 2nd author where I have become addicted with their work. You posted on here how you let a friend read your work, and she said nothing happened, your response after…….I agree with you.

    You have a Fan

    P.S. I think your day will come where you will be writing full time, but be careful what you ask for, you will get fans who after reading a new release, not even a week later will already be asking you whats next-we wont let you catch a break. If that happens a timeline would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks KayLynne! Fingers crossed for the day I can write full-time. I would be lucky to have people so eager to read my stuff they’re pressuring me to write more! And as for timelines? I have a new one due out at the end of the month. Hope you’ll check that out too!

  2. I just added my ratings to GoodReads. I’m still figuring out how the website works. I thought I would be able to leave my comments somewhere with each rating but it only gave me the option to star the books.

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