Unsuitable Men – AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon

Ah, technology. After many fits and starts, Amazon has finally uploaded ‘Unsuitable Men’ and it is available for purchase now.

The book details and description on Amazon indicate that it is an excerpt and 38 pages long. Those details are incorrect and are residuals from when only the excerpt was available. Amazon is working to update it and will hopefully do so soon.

Still if you purchase now, you will get the entire e-book. Enjoy, and please consider writing me a review!



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3 thoughts on “Unsuitable Men – AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon

  1. I just read the book Nia (by the way in one day might add) and I LOVED it. Tracy and Brendan drove me crazy in this story, yet I can soo relate to them. Im so glad you released this follow up to Commitment and I got to also dip back into the lives of Riley and Shawn. (Yay!) I also left a review on Amazon as well.

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