Late to the Game . . .

So this is overdue, and for all I know, the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Blog craze has long passed, but like most people, I can’t resist the opportunity to blather on about, well, me. So I’m going to seize this chance, even if I am late to the game. The deal is that I have to tell seven things about myself, post the TMAY blog award graphic and nominate seven other bloggers who will do the same. The seven bloggers later, but for now, here’s the stuff about me:

1. I obsess about death. I’m not afraid of being dead, in fact, I have a morbid curiosity about what I like to call post-life consciousness. I don’t believe we return to dust and it’s over with. I believe there is a core essence of each person that goes on in some other form and I am curious about what that will be like. So Eric Clapton’s song, ‘Tears in Heaven’ always resonated with me, because I understand the sentiment. Do we recognize each other from this life when we are in the next (whether you call it ‘heaven’ or something else)? This is a question I consider probably more than is healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I love life, but I’m excited about what’s next.

2. I like being alone more than I’ve ever enjoyed the company of another human being. Ever. I do like people and find them to be endlessly fascinating. I love listening to them talk about their lives, their likes, their loves, their passions. I like decoding why they see the world the way they do, and I enjoy getting to know someone deeply. I crave that kind of connection. But still, I am most content inside my own head, and have bouts of sheer impatience when forced to interact with anyone at all for any reason. I know that I’m an introvert, but this feels like more than that. I can only hope it isn’t some weird pathology.

3. I have no friends who are not progressive. I mention it only because it’s election season and it’s become evident to me that I don’t know a single Republican, and that my friends and colleagues all validate my view of the world which is basically to live and let live. I worry that my uber-liberal friends limit my worldview, and that in limiting my social circle in this way (not intentionally, I assure you) I’m not nearly as open-minded as I hope I am, and that I am being insufficiently challenged.

4. I have an aversion to wealth. I grew up in an atmosphere that some would call privileged, and since leaving my parents’ home have spent much of my life orchestrating various situations that lead to me spending gobs of money just to get rid of it. It could be liberal guilt; I’m honestly not sure, but I’ve become aware of my tendency toward discomfort whenever I have what I consider “more than I need.”

5. I am impatient with personal grooming. I wish I could become (or at least understand) the kind of person who gives a crap about things like fashion and hairstyles and make-up. I occasionally buy trendy things and wear them, change my hair, all that stuff; but then I promptly lose interest even if the feedback I get from others is positive. I have an awful tendency to judge people by how much time I estimate they spend on their personal appearance. Less time spent=person of depth and gravitas. More time spent=shallow and uninteresting. Of course that’s not true and a ridiculous prejudice. What can I say? I’m working on it.

6. I fantasize about flying. That’s not particularly revelatory. I imagine it’s at the top of the list of things people wish they could do, but I think about it at least once a week. The best dreams I have are those that involved me flying, better even than the sex dreams.

7. The only people I truly admire are other artists. It doesn’t matter what the medium of that art is. I think some people have that ‘thing’ – something innate that makes them create at a level that is just staggering to behold and I admire them for it. I seek out and gravitate toward people with that extraordinary spirit that compels them to create and I aspire to nurture that spirit in myself.

So now for the other bloggers I’m tagging:

1. Mollytics! – funny woman, blog about politics, life, and happenings in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area where I live and work.
2. Writing is Hard Work – Roger Colby blogs about writing and his advice I often find impossible not to agree with, however painful.
3. Mistress M – Mistress M nominated me, and I’m returning the favor because she is fearless and fierce and one of those scarily-talented people to whom I am referring in #7 above. Not sure she knows how talented she is, which is even scarier.
4. Angeline M. Bishop on The Social Gods – because she gave an incredibly thoughtful review of my book and because we eerily blog about the same stuff.
5. Poppy Writes a Book – I’m cheating here because I just ran across this blog today. I think it may even be her maiden voyage, so to speak. I like that she’s letting us into her head as she writes her first book; something that many writers do secretly, furtively. Her willingness to expose herself to possible public failure makes me want her to succeed even more.
6. Feministe – politics, womanism. “Nuff said.
7. Huffington Post – I know, I know. This isn’t what folks had in mind for the TMAY award, but refer to #3 above and you’ll understand why I had to give a shout-out to HuffPo.

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